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22" fitment question.

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I have 305/45r22 hankook dynapro atm with +31 offset dub's and rancho quicklifts that gave me about 2.25" of lift and I rub the sway bar. I've ordered some 1/4" spacers to hopefully clear them. I was also rubbing on the inside of the fender on the liner, I had to drill holes in it and zip tie it back further, It just barely clears now. I would imagine you're going to run into some serious rubbing issues with that.


The tires you're looking at are just under 35" x 13". Youre going to need a more offset rim or some larger wheel spacers, but even then I would imagine you will rub the fender liner even worse with the spacers. You will probably be looking for at least a 3.5" lift to fit those, but I would say 4-5" is probably more ideal.

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