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myLink with a portable HDD

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What they said. It takes a loooooong time to index even thousands of files. If you're in the 10,000+ range it may not even be possible. I don't know. My first attempt had something like 5500 files and it hadn't completed by the time I stopped it after about an hour and a half. Haven't tried the partitioning idea, but that could be a good problem solver.


I can tell you with certainty that you can stick an SSD in a 2.5" drive to USB adapter and it will work. I used an old Corsair Force SATA-II drive and a Transcend USB3 drive housing. However, I think this is kind of pointless anymore because right here on my desk I have two new Sandisk thumbnail-sized 64GB USB3 flash drives. They're the ultra small type where there's only enough sticking out of the USB socket to get ahold of to pull it out. Works like a champ. Was $21 @ Amazon as a hot deal a couple of weeks ago. 64GB is probably large enough to hold more files than you'd care to try indexing.


Something to consider: You might want to re-encode your files for use in a vehicle. I guarantee you that 160KB/sec ave. VBR is perfectly fine for a high-noise background like a vehicle. There's absolutely no reason for high-bitrate or uncompressed files in any automotive use. You can't possibly hear the difference. If you have a lot of FLAC files, one tool you might consider is FlacSquisher available at SourceForge.

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