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18" or 20" decisions decisions what to do....


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So I need new tires on my truck (2010 GMC Sierra 1500) and figured why not get new rims also. I have a rough country 2'' leveling kit on the front. I have 18'' rims right now and can either stick with them and go with a sightly taller tire or get 20'' rims and tires. I know that some of the trucks come OEM with 20's but I want to get aftermarket.

I was looking at getting either 18x9 with an offset of 18mm and a back spacing of 5.63". The tires will be 265/70/18. I think this would fill the wheel well out pretty well and look ok.

The other option was 20x9 with an offset of 18mm and a back spacing of 5.67" The tire I looked at was either a 275/55/20 or maybe a 275/60/20.

I want to have the rims and tires flush or a tick inside the wheel well. I don't want the wheels to be sticking out. I don't like that look on the trucks. I'm not sure what size to go with so it doesn't rub and what would look the best.

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