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How to: Havoc Offroad HST Running Boards

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In general running board installations are pretty easy but I have learned that in order to make sure the boards are level, there is a particular sequence you need to use when tightening down all the bolts at the end of the install.


Parts Installed:

- Havoc Offroad HST Running Boards (part # HPG-007108)




- eye protection, you are working under a truck, be safe

- 3/8" ratchet

- 13 mm deep socket

- 3/8" socket extension

- 13 mm wrench





1. Skip to step two if you do not have any running board on the truck.  Remove the existing running boards.  I am 99% sure that most running boards use the same 13 mm bolts and nuts to attach to the truck.  Easiest way to do this is the remove the brackets from the truck and drop the boards slowly with the brackets still installed.  You can remove the boards first then the brackets but I like to keep the parts together for storage.


2. Located and familiarize your self with the brackets.  Depending on the brand of running board, some brackets may have special orientations for install.  In this case all 8 brackets were the same.  In the upper bolt location for the rear 2 brackets on each side of the truck, you will need to install the provided u-bolts in the side of the unibody frame. You may need to remove the existing u-bolts and replace with the new ones in the HST kit.



3. Install 4 brackets hand tight.  Use the Zinc bolts, zinc lock washer, and zinc flat washer on the top bolt location and the black bolt, flat zinc washer, and flange nut to attach the bracket to the trucks pinch weld.  Hand tighten only, you will want some movement to make final adjustments.





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Continued (picture size limits, blah!)


4. Helpful with a friend because these boards are rather heavy.  Lift the board into place on top of the bracket and install the carriage bolts, washers, and nuts.  Each board to bracket connection should receive 2 carriage bolts, 2 washers, and 2 nuts.  Again, leave these hand tight. The board will rests ON TOP of the bracket.  The slots on the board hold the carriage bolts in place. 


5. Make sure the running board is flat (parallel to the ground) then start tightening the bracket to truck connections first.  You can crank these down tight but not Hulk tight.  You will need a 13 mm wrench to get the pinch weld nuts started.


6. Still with a buddy holding the board flat or jack stands holding them flat, begin tightening the board to bracket connections.  You'll only need a 13 mm socket.  Start by tightening all the side bolts (4 total) then go back and tighten the top bolts (4 as well).


7. Enjoy your new EXTREMELY durable running boards.  Check the hardware occasionally especially if you live int he salt belt.




Initial Impressions:

Honestly, these are some of the most well built running boards I have every installed on the truck.  They hug the bottom of the truck nice and tight giving this Silverado a sportier look.  May not be the best for a 6"+ lifted truck since they are still relatively high but for the stock - 4.5" lifted trucks, this is a great option for running boards.  We had my kids test out the board and they appreciate the huge step area.  All in all, these are great boards that look and function very well. 





Video coming soon!

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