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Transaxle coming out of neutral



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As long as you are following the procedure in the manual, it shouldn't be popping out.  





Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles


Only dinghy tow four-wheel-drive vehicles that have an N (Neutral) and a Four-Wheel Drive Low (4 (n) setting.

Warning: Shifting a four-wheel-drive vehicle's transfer case into N (Neutral) can cause the vehicle to roll even if the transmission is in P (Park). You or others could be injured. Set the parking brake before shifting the transfer case to N (Neutral).

To dinghy tow:


Caution: Failure to disconnect the negative battery cable or to have it contact the terminals can cause damage to the vehicle.

Caution: If the steering column is locked, vehicle damage may occur.

  1. Position the vehicle being towed behind the tow vehicle, facing forward and on a level surface.
  2. Securely attach the vehicle being towed to the tow vehicle.
  3. Apply the parking brake and start the engine.
  4. Shift the transfer case to N (Neutral). See “Shifting into N (Neutral)” under Four-Wheel Drive. Check that the vehicle is in N (Neutral) by shifting the transmission to R (Reverse) and then to D (Drive). There should be no movement of the vehicle while shifting.
  5. With the engine off, leave the key in ACC/ACCESSORY to prevent the steering column from locking.
  6. Disconnect the negative battery cable at the battery and secure the nut and bolt. Cover the negative battery post with a non-conductive material to prevent any contact with the negative battery terminal.
  7. Move the steering wheel to make sure the steering column is unlocked.
  8. With a foot on the brake pedal, release the parking brake.

    Keep the ignition key in the towed vehicle in ACC/ACCESSORY to prevent the steering column from locking.

Disconnecting the Towed Vehicle

Before disconnecting the towed vehicle:


  1. Park on a level surface.
  2. Set the parking brake, then shift the transmission to P (Park), and move the ignition key to OFF.
  3. Connect the battery.
  4. With your foot off the brake, turn the ignition on with the engine off.
  5. Shift the transfer case out of N (Neutral) to Two-Wheel Drive High. See “Shifting out of N (Neutral)” under Four-Wheel Drive. See your dealer if the transfer case cannot be shifted out of N (Neutral).
  6. Start the engine and check that the vehicle is in Two-Wheel Drive High by shifting the transmission to R (Reverse) and then to D (Drive). There should be movement of the vehicle while shifting.
  7. Shift the transmission to P (Park) and turn off the ignition.
  8. Disconnect the vehicle from the tow vehicle.
  9. Release the parking brake.
  10. Reset any lost presets.

    The outside temperature display will default to 0 °C (32 °F) but will reset with normal usage.



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