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1999-2002 Silverado 2dr Power Window Pin Outs

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I have an 06 Silverado that I converted to 2002 Power Windows and Door Locks. I have pinned out the Power Windows and Door Locks. Built a reversing double relay for the door locks and a bridge harness for the power windows. Everything works, well sort of. I am now trying to figure out the power mirror switch and have hit a bit of trouble. I used the donor harness from a four door 02 Silverado and purchased the switches for the two door. The issue seems to be the the wire and switch may not be the same between the 2dr switch and 4 dr harness. I removed the green and purple wires that go to the rear windows. Leaving the other wires in the same positions. I can find the 4 dr switch pinouts but not the 2 dr so my questions is are they diffrent? and if so does anyone have the pinout for the 2 dr?


If not I will strip the wires to the mirrors and bypass the switch.

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Interesting, I don't know for fact but I don't see how or why the power mirrors would be different. Any chance you could confirm the switch actually works? On my truck I have to press the buttons really hard for the passenger side to work (if it will work that day), but not the drivers side. I'm thinking it could be a problem with the switch itself.

Another thing I might do in your situation is take off the plastic on the inside where the mirror bolts to the truck and look at the wiring there. If I recall correctly there's several different wires behind the foam in the door behind the cover. You probably already did this, which makes me wonder about the switch. Could you bridge them to make sure the mirror motors are working at all too?

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