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Accessory power outlets dead (cigerette lighter outlets) both

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I recently bought a used Silverado 2015 and I am having issues with the Accessory Power Outlets under the center console.  Both outlets are


dead.  The usb outlets all work.  So I do not have a manual on the truck and have looked online but it seems like a generic manual as pictures only show 1 cigarette


light outlet but I have two.  I have pulled the cover off the fuse box on the left of the stearing wheel and it has a listing of fuses.  To me it is very confusing the 


list does not really line up with the actual fuse box so I am having trouble locating the correct fuse.  Online it mentions the fuse could be 15amp or 50 amp?????


What are the differences in the two and how do I find the right fuse to check it or replace it.  The number of the fuse is useless as there is no number on the 


actual fuses in the panel...I don't feel like paying $100 for a mechanic to change a fuse that should have a better listing of the location and a better diagram.


Thanks for any info.





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