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Need help with identifying this part

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I need help identifying this portion under my truck where the cab meets the bushing. It’s all rotted out and it is starting to get spongy. I’d like to possibly take it out and replace. It seems as if it’s just spot welded to the floor pan. I looked all over and couldn’t figure out the specific name/ part number for it. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! My truck is a 99 Chevy Silverado regular cab. This picture is of the rear driver side of the cab almost directly under the driver seat! CDDC5628-1932-4BDD-AF85-A0D2F754D08A.thumb.jpeg.c15a63d549bddd0056d6e10174809e80.jpeg

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13 hours ago, Mr. Z71 said:

Possibly called a "cab floor support"? That's the only thing I could find referencing such a thing on other vehicles when I was searching.

yea i tried looking for it using those terms and i couldn't find it.... kinda stumped

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On 8/14/2021 at 3:02 PM, Mick99 said:

Here is a similar pic from my 1999 Extended Cab, driver's side, rear.  The part that is spot welded to the cab, the one with the oval and round holes, is stamped with 04187.  The spot weld could have obliterated a digit or two before the 0, so maybe the part number is xx04187.  I did a quick search for 04187,  but didn't find anything.  Some sellers go out of their way to state that their 'cab mount' is the one that attaches to the cab not to the frame, so at least some people are calling the part a 'cab mount'.






thanks for the input, yea its kind of frustrating not being able to find a replacement lol

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