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Ideas/Examples: "Rear Seat Delete" mods for dogs

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Looking for creative/unique ideas for removing back seat on my 2018 extended cab to better accommodate my 2 large dogs. I've seen some have built plywood platforms and covered in marine carpet, which I like. But curious if anyone else has done something similar and if you had any suggestions. Thanks! 

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I have a 2015 Sierra, I didn't pull the seats I just folded them up and built a platform like you mentioned. I have. two large Golden Retrievers and they have plenty of space. When we need the backseats for more people I just pull the platform and fold the seats back down. This system works great for me, its the third platform I've built for my dogs over the years. I built mine out. of 1/2" plywood covered it with 1" foam then installed outdoor carpet.They seem  pretty comfortable on long trips.

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I stoped letting the dog in the back seat area, the claws and dirt are too destructive to the interior .. I instead bought a camper shell , this is his pig pen area, his water is back there, and i installed the BedRug so its soft on his body. get a shell with side sliding windows , lots of airflow and he can hang his head outside safely.

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