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1985 Short bed step side 4wd production numbers

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Hello   I am new to this forum  / site.   I purchased a 1985 GMC short bed step side wood bed 4wd pickup (bright Apple Red in Sierra Classic trim level) this week.   I love it so far.  We had a new 1979 Jimmy many years ago but driving   this new pickup is much the same as chassis is effectively the same.   By 1985, most trucks I believe were fleet side.   When I was growing up in 1960's in my grandfather's GMC dealership, many trucks, if not most, were step side.   Fleet side was a new concept in the 60's.    I am trying to search out production numbers by model for 1985 to see how many step side were created versus the fleet side.   I have not had any luck.   Do any of you have sites to refer to for this interesting comparison.   Wish me luck with new Lil Red truck.   It is fun so far.   I am trying to sell my 1968 Plymouth Road Runner now that I found its replacement.   The Road Runner is faster but the Red Truck has PW, PDL, tilt wheel, AC, PS, PDB.   Even the clock and radio work.   Shocker there.   Some parts of the truck of 50k miles look to have been replaced or updated (paint, door panels, dash gauges and trim bezel, bed, but it does appear the engine has never been out of the truck.   It is a 305 so not fast but I don't care.   That is the size we ordered in the yellow / white Jimmy for 1979 but ended up buying a silver one from dealer that came in before our yellow one did.   The silver one was High Sierra and had more features than our yellow one (including 350 engine).  Thank you for any insight and for allowing me to be part of the site.  






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