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2019 Denali 6.2 K&N intake installed

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Just installed the K&N intake on my 2019 Denali, pretty easy and definitely worth it. The quality is pretty good but it did have to sand one of the holes for the ducts down a little bit in order to fit the radius adapter. I'll post pictures if anybody wants them, but for sure worth it. Seeing a little better fuel economy around 1-3mpg more, K&N claims +15hp and +35lb ft of torque but those figures are not true. There is a noticeable difference in acceleration but it is not a 35lb ft difference. The best part about it is the intake noises, truck sounds much meaner from the cabin than with the stock air intake. Overall pretty great modification. Only other complaint is that the MAF wiring has a good amount of tension now that it is in a different spot. If you're thinking about doing this to your truck, I would definitely recommend it. I think you'll see the power difference with a tune, but the only option for tuning these trucks is the HP tuners ECM which is pricey.  

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