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97 Tahoe won't stay out of limp

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    Ok, so I've never really had an issue with a trans until now. I thought(thought) mine had taken a leave of absence on me. So I bought another older used one, but the case was cracked at the output to transfer case. So I just switched all the internals. Lasted a couple days I think. Bought ANOTHER tranny. This one is 2002. So the outputs are different, the lengths are different. So what do I do? Switch all the internals again. I'm using the 2002 TC, valve body, hard parts, and electronics in my 97 case. And the 2002 servo and clutches/steels. This m$#@+&+$#@$$#@ing thing keeps slipping out of gear after what seems to be normal operation at any temp and going into limp mode. Shut it off, reset TCM, get maybe another 100yds or so......... Please help!!! I'm running out of hair to pull out. Oh, and doesn't throw a single code while doing it.

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