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linear garage door not programing with 2012 ltz ? something im missing? please help

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First make sure you are following the instructions in the owners manual exactly... if its still a no go.


There are a few variables to consider, there are two opener frequencies, one is newer and one is older. Second, one of the opener designs in the trucks was involved in a lawsuit and has been made obsolete (Lear openers). There are a few solutions, if your garage door opener is the newer frequency, I would replace the homelink module in the truck with a newer one (use a part number from a 2015 truck like mine for example). If my memory serves, the 2012 truck generation uses the older frequencies that will not program to newer garage door openers, you have the option of above replacing the trucks module, or adding a homelink repeater. This plugs into a wall outlet in your garage. It has to be programmed to your opener and truck and acts like a middle man between them. 


I used both solutions on various cars/trucks and preferred putting in new homelink modules in the vehicles and removing the homelink repeater from the equation.

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