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Robbed !

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Hey All,

this past March 2023 I had my custom 01 dually stolen, my fault for not properly protecting it.

I was lucky enough to have it recovered missing a bunch of parts but learned a valuable lesson, like so many other Chevy owners they by passed the stock alarm by going into the lock assembly on both doors and that was it.

since having it back I spent the $ to have a proper alarm installed with ignition kill, shock, tilt and glass break sensors and even got rid of the front door handles and replaced them with no key option handles that match the rear door handles, the thought behind that change was to discourage a thief by not giving them an option to go through the lock cylinder.

so far so good!


my advice to all Chevy owners old and new models, spend the $ to protect your truck if you want to try and keep it for years of enjoyment!

if they really want it, they will take it but don't make it easy ! 


Fred R

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Too bad the law won't prosecute, Car theft is a felony. I really don't care if criminals are crowed into  small spaces, jail is not the Club Med. I do object to the lack of safety in jail, but we can't have lawlessness in the country. "Don't do the crime if you ain't got the time"

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