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New 16 sierra denali struts rubbing control arm

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I have a 16 sierra denali. Put the loaded strut assembly from dorman on. Been couple months.  Noticed squeaking when loading and unloading weight on front end. Noticed the eye bolts on the bottom of the struts have been pushed to the side somehow. It is out of the bushing and rubbing against lower control arm. Same on both sides. They are the exact same. Not side specific. What did I do wrong?



I had a 2in leveling kit. Years later front end was bouncing. Changed with dorman struts. A year later they were leaking grease everywhere.  Under warranty so i recieved replacements. Removed leveling kit in case that was cuising an issue.  This was just a couple months ago. installed new struts and didnt notice anything at the time. Couple moths later

after hearing noises. Wheel bearings had play and made noise. I replaced those and noticed that the struts weren't right and thats where other noises i noticed were coming from. 


I know dorman arent the best. But not sure i am to blame this on them. But not sure what i did wrong. They cant be installed backwards or anything. Torqued to spec. 


Not sure what would force my shocks over unless they aren't a correct fit, If there is a trick with aftermarket struts,  or both my lower control arms are bad.  



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