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Wheel hub replacement = ABS/ Stabilitrak Code

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2018 2WD 1500 5.3l


After replacing the front right wheel hub assembly I now have a service stabilitrak alert.  ABS/ stabilitrak icons are illuminated.  I went for a brief test drive, 1 - 2 miles and ride, all was smooth besides the code(s).  My current OBD2 doesn't read ABS so I tried the following:


  • Disconnect battery for 5 minutes
  • Disconnected wheel speed sensor (new sensor included with hub assembly), QD cleaned plugs and reconnected
  • Unplugged and reconnected both front sensors
  • Plugged in the old sensor (still in the old hub)


I did not drop, beat or damage the new hub assembly.  I will have an OBD2 reader tomorrow that will give the code(s) for ABS.


Till then, has anyone come across this?

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After using the appropriate OBD2 scanner I discovered that ABS codes don't necessarily reset once a correction is made.  For example, it held the code for when I disconnected the front left speed sensor during troubleshooting. 


The underlining code for the new hub/sensor:

  • C0040 - Right front wheel speed sensor circuit.  DTC Status: Signal Erratic
  • C0040 - Right front wheel speed sensor circuit.  DTC Status:  Incorrect Component Installed

After resetting the codes, all went away except the above.  I reconnected the original sensor and reset the codes again.  No codes now. 


Hopefully resolved.

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