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Man, is this Door Chime Loud

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Anyone else harrassed by their door chime. It is so loud, and I've got it turned down to low. Do I understand correctly that it's embedded in the stereo head unit and there's no way to defeat it?


It might not be so bad if it just wasn't so trigger happy and repetative. The chime jumps right on you almost as soon as your belt is removed and hits you again within no time.


I've thought about swapping the head unit just to escape the torture.

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I know what you mean. Not only is it loud but it makes you feel really stupid because it dings for EVERYTHING! "Your door's open!", "No S***!", Your seatbelt's not fastened!", "No S***!", "Your lights are on!", "No S***!"

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It must work because now I do everything I can to keep it from going off. I button my seatbelt BEFORE I start the truck. I take the key out of the ignition even if I only want to open the door for a second. Thank goodness my headlights are automatic so that I don't have to remember to turn them off.


Darn Chime :mad::thumbs::lol:

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This actaully works!!!!  No more chimes for the doors.  Now I just need to be careful not to lock my keys in the car :thumbs:.  A long time ago,  I learned to keep a spare car key in my wallet, so I won't worry about that too much.


Remove fuse panel cover



Loosen the instrument cluster bezel by pulling on the corners and then the middle parts.  This made it easier for me to get the knee bolster out.



Remove the two screws that hold the knee bolster.



Pin and clip that hold the top of the knee bolster in place.  Knee bolster comes out by pulling outward (directly towards you if you are sitting in the drivers seat).



Knee bolster removed.  The colored wires in the center of the pic are the connectors to the BCM.



The connector on the right is the one you want.  I had to pull the BCM down a bit to get the connector clear of the big chunk of metal under the steering column.  Remove by putting small screw driver under gray plastic clip on the underside of the connector.



Once free from the BCM, remove the gray clip with small screw driver on the two places where it clips to the blue connector



Green wire in the lower left is the one we want. (took this pic after the wire had been removed)



Coming at it from this angle finally worked for me.  Notice that I chewed up the blue plasctic a bit, it seems to be rather soft plastic.



Once remove, Put some electrical tape around the bare pin.


Reassemble in reverse order (I have always wanted to say that :mad: ).  Be careful that the plastic pins are in their holes before you hammer the instrument cluster bezel back in place.


There ya go no registering req.

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There ya go no registering req.

Sigh........... :thumbs:

The author who wrote the instructions and shot the photos is dcairns from the silveradoss truck site. Just didn't want him to not receive credit.

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I need to do this ASAP. Does anyone else get the Phantom Ding? Like when the door is dinging and then you shut the door and it stops....then like 4 or 5 seconds later it goes ding, and you look around confused like your truck is haunted. :banghead: Maybe its just me.

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i know what all of you mean. when i went to put in a new head unit into my truck they asked if i wanted to purchase the aftermarket chime to fit my truck and head unit and i said "hell no." now i do not have a door clime to go off, or even the seatbelt warning...it's so nice.

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