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finally, clean air


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My'01 2500HD is 'new' to be, as the second owner. Have had it for 6 months and decided to change the in cab filters. In a word, WOW! What a difference that service makes! Used to be the blower motor needed to be set on 5, or max, to get decent air to the back and otherwise have acceptable air flow. Now with the new filters, it screams and is so powerful u can blow dry ur hair, haha. Now awesome flow on setting 2 or 3.


The PO never changed the filters-- they were clogged shut with all this crap, pine needles, sand-- u name it. The hardest part was getting the cover off with the 3 screws. It was an easy in and out, under 1 hour. i give it a three beer rating level... :seeya:


Now the heater just screams, it blows like a jet motor. The rear ducts get hot air and I'm very imnpressed. The filters were a one day pay and wait advance order deal, but they came in the very next morning from NAPA. Paid something like $26.00 for two to a box.


good luck.

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Totally forgot about these filters so after reading this thread I picked some up at lunch and just put them in when I got home. Wow were they dirty. I used the process described in the link above, but I had 4 bolts and had to take them all out to drop the cover down. It wasn't too hard to put the one over the tranny hump back in either. It took me about 15 minutes, but I used a snakedrive on a ratcheting screwdriver. After about 70k, i've accumulated some junk in there. It seems to flow better now, but I'll know for sure in the morning when it's cold again.


Here's a pic of the box with the part number, and the old filters.



And this is the junk that fell out on the floor when I removed them. Not sure what the heck the green stuff is or how it got in there!


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