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How often to change 02 sensors?

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I've asked a few times at a couple of dealers and this topic has come up a few times between friends.


Toyota, and some other manufacturers, specify a change interval for O2 sensors. From what I've heard from GM is that the OBD II system will throw a code and warn you if one goes out of it's normal parameters. My friend contends that even though they show a normal voltage fluctuation on his Snap-on reader, they still lose sensitivity due to build up on the sensor over time.


Since these sensors aren't cheap, I don't want to just throw money away. Who knows; are they designed to last 60,000mi or 300,000?

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As O2 sensors get old, they get 'lazy'. They still work and won't throw a code but they don't react as quickly and hence your mixture is never quite 'perfect'.



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