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Regular 1500 compared to HD

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I certainly dont have docs to back this up but I can tell you that in 01, I bought an 02 1500HD and had never ever seen one prior to that date. That being said, I also only knew it to be available in a crew cab and don't know if it's any different now. I returned to buy an 05 a couple of months ago and it was hard to find a dealer ship with informed enough people to help me. Some said there was no 1500HD anymore and there was only 1500 & 2500HD available, others said no,1500HD is available but it's named a light duty 2500?????

FINALLY, I found a guy willing to figure it out and he searched trucks based on 8600 gvrw to find all the 1500HD's you want to see....

While it was hell to find a RED one with the options I needed, it can be done.

FOR ME, the 1500HD is the only way to go for me.

I tow a ski boat alot and I need 4 doors, but I still need a decent cargo bed for work BUT don't need the diesel or the rating of a 2500(or it's rougher ride)

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The first 1500HD was in 2001. For MY2004, GM called the 1500HD a 2500LD, but now they are back to calling it the 1500HD. They only come in Crew Cabs w/ LS or LT interiors. Also, there was never a Z71 model introduced, but you can order everything that the package has except the stickers.

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My buddy has an 03 1500 HD.  It's the crew cab, not a Z71.  Nice truck, if you need the "HD".  I woud've went that route but I'm all set with dating a gas pump.  My 1500 5.3 just got 382 miles to the tank this weekend, highway of course.  I couldn't be happier.




whoooo the 6.0L is a STRONG gasser!

sorry, just got excited for a moment.

ok, not the greatest mileage but one impressive, off-the-lot truck. I hope they dont stop making them because I will buy more, I assure you.

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