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I just put ranchos on mine. dont go with the 5000's. they are too soft, same as the Reflex's.


If your going to tow, I would go with the Rancho RS9000x's. you can pick up a set from Sams off forad for 223 for all 4. Rancho is running a special on them buy 3 get 1 free.



click here


the best thing about the 9000's is they are adjustable. you can adjust for the ride towing or not, really work great. you can also get a incab adjustment panel, but thats another $150...not worth it IMHO.

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I am running the Edlebrocks, but I have heard good things about the adjustable Rancho's and the Bilsteins. I think you can not really go wrong with any of these options. The edelbrocks have worked great on my HD for almost 50,000 miles now. The factory ones are garbage to begin with actually, so anything will be an improvement. Good luck with your decision...

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