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BARO sensor??



I have a 1987 chevy P/U. Last night the service engine light came on. I hooked up a code reader and got a 32 BARO sensor circuit failure / EGR valve diagnostic switch-closed during engine start-up or open when EGR flow requested by ECM. I noticed that it was idleing fast and when you put your foot on the brake, put it in gear and turn on the A/c it died. Can you tell me where this sensor is located? Is it the same as the MAP sensor and do you have a part number for this sensor to make sure I get the right one. It is a half ton 4X4 with the throttle body 350. Also before this happend it would not start when the engine was warm. If you let it cool off it would start. I changed the ignition module and that seemed to fix that problem. Are these two problems related? Thanks Wiley. :uhoh:

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'87 is a few years ago and I don't have any diagnostic information readily available, but as far as I know, DTC 32 is EGR and has nothing to do with the BARO sensor (which is incorporatated in the MAP sensor).


Does your EGR have a sensor with a single wire that is screwed into the baseplate part of the EGR? I seem to recall having a lot of problems with that sensor.

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