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Got up this morning to find that some fa**ot egged my 01 Z71. After calling the cops I began to wash the egg,and shells off....Upon looking further , they hit it so hard that it literally chipped the paint off a couple of places on the hood and around the bed area... :fume: .... It looks really bad where the paint is chipped.....Whoever better be glad that I was dead asleep and wasnt woken up because he would of had a large piece of lead to go through him...Anyway...Will my insurance pay for the hood to be refinished and the bed ? Or would the whole truck need to be painted so it will all match...Paint is in good condition but I wouldnt want to be able to tell some of the truck had been repainted and not the other ? The clear coat will start peeling really bad,and will look terrible if i dont get this fixxed. :D

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