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TA Peformance diff cover install

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I just intalled the TA cover two ago and have a few pointers to share and questions to ask.


I used the supplied gasket and cut the sides to match the original gasket (the supplied gasket restricts oil flow into the axle tubes). I epoxied a strong neodium magnet inside the cover. If you order this cover be sure to ask TA Performance what bolts you need (some axles have metric cover threads, so you need to buy bolts from a hardware store).


I had to remove the transverse panhard bar to install the cover. I just follwed the directions and completed the install in about two hours. I used Redline 75W-90 synthetic oil.


After two weeks I noticed that I had a slow drip from the bottom of the cover. I checked the cover and all bolts were tight, but noticed the panhard bar was hitting the top driver side of the cover when the rear suspension was compressed enough. I pulled the cover off and noticed that the gasket was soaked with oil! I'm not sure, but either the supplied gasket is not made to withstand synthetic oil or I caused it by cutting the reliefs in teh gasket. Either way I bought a replacement gasket from the dealership, put Permatex on both sides and reinstalled. It has been fine for a month now.


Does anyone know if the Edelbrock tubular panhard bar will clear this cover?

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