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Which Westers Setup??

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ok guys i need your help. I am a college student with low funds and i want to know how i should set up my tune.


i live in vegas and it gets extremely hot here. :D

the highest octane gas we have is 91. :D

i cant afford to replace a blown engine :cheers:

I dont want to ruin my tranny either :P

all that i want is to safely make my truck faster :)


So any help would be very appreciated




OHH and what is a throttle body bypass and does it make you faster?



My truck

2002 5.3 ECSB Silverado automatic

everything stock except AEM intake and 50 Series exhaust

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The t/b bypass really doesn't make any noticable power, but it helps keep the incoming air a little cooler. A good mod for you where you live.


A 91 tune should do you fine.


We've NEVER had any customer damage their engine or trans. Lyndon knows what he's doing and knows what the safe limits are.

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