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Transmission Problem



Just installed a B&M shift kit into my 1992 Chevy truck with a 700r4 (4l60)? After the install I had no second gear and possibly no forth. Transmission shifts from first to third only if I let up at redline in first. I also think the tranny is also locking up in third and I not shifting into fourth gear. I am basing this on the difference in RPM at cruising speed (higher than i remember from before kit install) and that I cant feel a shift from 3rd to 4th but do feel a the lockup.


I took everything back apart and checked everything and replaced the accumulator pistons just incase. But again no 2nd or 4th. I am now thinking that some how the servo is messed up. Tranny did take a small fall about 6 inches and hit the ground. Also the first time the kit was installed tranny was out of the truck and flipped over. Not sure if it matters but i figured I would put that information in.


Please give me any advice that you can to help out.


Thanks in advance for all the help.

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