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Please help

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I purchased my truck about a month ago and since then it has been kind of cool out so I haven't needed to use my AC. I made sure to try it on the test drive and it blew cold.


Now a couple of weeks later the A/C stops blowing cold. It still blows. Just not cold. I can't even hear the compressor kicking on. Here's where it gets weird. When leaving work today I had to floor it to get into traffic. I happened to have the A/C on just to see if it would blow cold. After I took off it started blowing cold. Then it blew cold all the way up until I had to give it a little throttle again passing someone. Started blowing warm again. Just for giggles I got to a redlight and floored it coming off the light. Starts blowing ice cold again. I parked at my father's shop and went in and talked to him for about 20 minutes. Leaving it running the entire time. Just to see if it would continue to blow cold. It did.


I'm friggin baffled. The truck is a 00 with 98k miles on it. Z71, etc.

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It sounds like the used car dealer took you to the cleaners. Used car dealers have ways of making it blow cold for a short time frame. I am not an expert on this... but I know they are sneaky like that. Some used cars come with a 3 month/3000 mile warranty. Check your paperwork. If you did not get a warranty then you have a few options...


1) Dont worry about it as it seems to be performing (in your words) Ice Cold...

2) Take it to an AC repair place and get raked over the coals...

3) Trade it before summer hits... hope the buyer does not ask about the AC...


Good luck...

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