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Steering Column went boom

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Wednesday night I finished putting together my rear lowering suspension. Thursday night was my old gf's birthday so I got hammered and lost my keys. My extra set was also lost by my brother. I get my title today and get a set of keys to get my truck from the apartments that I left it at, but it had been towed. Went to the towing company to get it out and drive to work, but my steering column was BROKEN...and I mean the turn signals were on the other side where the ignition used to be. Tried fixing it, but the lever kept popping off every time I turned the wheel, and when I turned the steering wheel the whole column went with it. So I need a new steering column. Is there an aftermarket place that I can pick up a new pretty much bolt-in column for my 1990 Chevy Silverado 1500 without having to go junkyard shopping? Thanks a lot.


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