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XM Radio Kit questions ATTN:MS3DALE

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Hello all. I am new to the board. I just purchased an 06 Suburban. It did not come with the XM option, but I have been reading that I can add it.

The RPO code for my factory radio is UB0 (RDS capable)

I am looking at the GM part # 12498768.


I searched the forums before posting this and MS3DALE said the hardest part is removing the headliner and drilling the roof.

MS3DALE Original Post

Here is my next question.

The 06 Suburban's use an integrated Onstar/XM antenna. Does anyone know if the XM antenna can be used (even though the vehicle did not ship with an XM receiver). If so, where can I find the XM antenna wire? Is it convienently routed behind the radio? Any help would be appreciated.


Also, I see TERK makes an XM kit for GM radios. It is much more cost effective($87 on eBay). Anyone have any experience with these. Does it integrate with the factory radio like the GM kit?

Terk XM GM kit


Thanks in advance.



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