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Service Brake System

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I just bought a used 2005 2500HD with a 6-8 inch CST lift, 2" torsion keys to get the 8 inches. I also have 20inch wheels and 37inch tires. I bought this from a guy at work.

The problem is that the "Service Brake System" and the ABS/Parking idiot lights all come on.

I asked the guy at work about this, and he said that when he programmed the truck for the 37inch tires (speedometer Cal.) thats when he started getting this error message. He thinks the trucks computer wont accept the tire size.

He also told me that he did not get this error message before he programmed the truck.

I called my service writer at my Chevy dealer, I told him that the brakes didn't feel mushy or soft and felt real responsive. He told me that it was something electrical and that if the ABS light was on that my ABS was not working but I should be fine until I get it fixed.


Any Ideas to correct this would be appreciated.




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Have fun having the dealer find this one. Hopefully the software reflash will solve your problem because it has not solved mine. Mine goes back to the dealer next week to have it looked at again.






Was it your tire size that is giving you the same problem?




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