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Need Advice on 2500HD with utility back...

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Hey Guys,


Great forum here with loads of great information. Currently have a 94 chevyjeep 4.3l carbed with edelbrock intake and edelbrock 600 carb manual choke, headers with straight pipe to true dual exhaust with flowmaster 40 series, and 700r4 backing it up with 2.5" of lift.



Anyhow, I'm in the market for a work truck - curious if you guys can give some advice with your chevy experience. It seems that a big discussion of the 8.1 vs the 6.0l end up that you cant beat the 8.1 power. Been reading that the 6.0 lacks enuff power for the 2500HD extended cab. But I've noticed that many people are using their trucks to tow trailers, mobile homes, and other heavy loads.


In this case I'm mostly likely going to buy the 2500HD with the service utility back already installed to accomadate my a/c tools, equiptment. Anybody here have a similar setup or do you have any good ideas how to optomize the use of the original 2500 bed with boxes to accomadate the a/c repair business needs.


Also, I'm not sure how much a Stahl or Reading service utility body weighs but I believe its in the 950-1100 lb. range. With that body in place, and say 300 lbs of tools/equpt on an average day, do you think its necesary to opt for the 8.1 engine or will the 6.0l suit my needs fine. Again, I wont be using this to tow anything behind.


It will strictly be used for work. DO you think I'll be underpowered with the 6.0?


Thanks in advance.

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I have a 2004 2500HD with the 6.0. I have no problems with the truck. Somedays the truck weighs in over 9500 lbs. I have had the truck weighed at the local dump scales and it weighs in @ 7200lbs with just my tools, generator, etc.



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