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Over the past 25 years or so, I've gone through about 30 vehicles. This is my 1rst GM since the 73 pickup I had in high school. I usually get what is cheap at the auction. Gm high resale value usually puts me into a ford or dodge. I have much to catch up on. Thats why I'm here. So many questions, so little time. I do a lot of oilfield service work, and my last 2 trucks have been f-250's. They need so much tinkering and repair, I am some what of an expert on ford's , but not a big fan. I've been the proud new owner of a 95 GMC sierra 2500 4x4 for 2 days now. (got it for 1400.00 canadian....he he he). So far so good. I've read many posts here, and like what I see. One urgent question, though before I head off to fort Mac tommorrow, please pardon my ignorance, I have the auto locking hubs, In 2 hi, my front axles are locked to the wheels, the front drive shaft spins free, the transfer case is disengaged. I'm used to ford, where the wheel disengages from the drive axle. Is this right,,, I'd hate to head out on the highway if the 4x4 isn't fully disengaged????

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