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Jack Rabbit, Thule


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I installed my Jack Rabbit last weekend, It took 2 hours (not 15 minutes like the website claims). It clamps on, so no drilling holes in the bed rails, but had to drill 2, 3/4 inch holes in the bottom of the bed for the drain hoses. This thing is sweet, plenty of room for my tools. I got the Explorer rails so I could put on the Thule rack. The rack will hold a few sheets of plywood, or ladders, etc. And can be removed in about 30 seconds.


Combined with the Bedrug I have a large padded area for my tools. The Bedrug allows the use of the 2 X 4 bed pockets, so I whipped out a couple boards to divide up the bed.



The next move will be a tailgate lock. I will try this product http://wheelskin.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv...M+Tailgate+Lock I think I will spend the extra $27 and upgrade to a High Security Actuator, as I have seen complaints about the actuator failing.


Next I will have to do something about the exhaust. I have so many to choose from, I want a little more sound, but don't want to increase the noise inside the cab too much. Anyone got a suggestion, on which exhaust system product to use.

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