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Some noob questions...

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I have an '03 silverado w/ 4.8 and 3.73 gears. it has about 56000 miles on it. i have some questions as i have just found this site. Help would be greatly appreciated.


1. Recently when i first start my truck, there is a clicking noise in the engine. It doesnt matter if it is hot or cold outside, just when the engine hasnt ran for a while. it goes away after a minute or two. it increases its "clicking"(or knocking) with increases rpm. any suggestions???


2. I burnt the fuse for my horn, so i replaced it. About two weeks later, it burnt again. I dont use my horn that often. Any thoughts??


3. When i accelerate hard, my oil pressure often goes up to 80. Is that a problem? Is it normal? I have asked a few people about this and noone seems to come up with an answer.


any help would greatly be appreciated.



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my 5.3 with 108000 has a light click for about 15 seconds on very cold mornings then is completely silent. I think mine is piston slap because it is only on very cold mornings. my oil pressure seems high too. I use 10 30 oil. I wonder how accurate our gauges are?



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My answers (and my opinions as you or others may see fit)


1) If it's a "mild" tapping sound, it's the lifters tapping - that's "normal" (that is, it's common on most GM engines). A loud tapping (like a hammer) would be the cold start knock syndrome (do a search on it or CSK), which is not good, but GM still says is normal.


2) Your high note horn is probably shot (typically full of water). Have you noticed your horn sounding rather weak and pathetic at times before the fuse blows? Mine was doing that and was also blowing fuses too. Then the high note died for good.


The high note is on the right side behind the turn signal/corner light. Low note is on the left. I bought a FIAMM replacement horn at Harbor Freight Tools for all of 9.99! Turns out it was the OEM part and was an exact replacement! Part # 72102. Be aware that they seem to have changed design recently as when I went back, the horns they stocked had fixed 1/4" tabs rather than threaded studs as on the OEM.


3) Sounds like normal pressure to me.

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