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Hi everyone,


Im wondering if anyone knows if undercaoting can be clear coated??


My trail rig (jeep cherokee) just got itself a fresh coat of undercoating on every panel. Looks really good with the somewhat textured feel to it. Its excellent for covering up imperfections and very easy to touch up.


I've ben thinking of clear coating it to give it a little more durability but I am not sure if clear will adhere to it.


Any thoughts on this?.......thanks...... :happysad:

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Undercoating may be too rubbery for the clearcoat to stay on. Clearcoat is usually harder and will chip/flake off. There is a clearcoat (or additive) that is more flexable that they spray bumbers with. You might look into that.


A good option to coat trail rigs is the bedliner stuff, like Speedliner and then put their topcoat on it to make it glossier.

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