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Paint cracking

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My 2005 Avalanche has painted bumper covers and other painted plastic parts. The truck has an aftermarket conversion package through the dealer. The bumper cover's paint bubbled and flaked off. The plastic Avalanche logo on the tailgate flaked off. I just got the truck back from the dealer who replaced my running board that cracked. Dealer is about an hour away, so we had dinner. Came out of the resturant and noticed the piece that the tow hooks go through has cracked. I didn't walk around the front of the truck when I left the dealership, so I can't say it happened there. I doesn't look like it got hit in the parking lot because there are no marks on that section of the bumper. I am starting to get frustrated about the whole deal. The dealership has been real helpful with warranty coverage. I am just getting frustrated. Have you had any such troubles?

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