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What year is my motor?



Hey all,


First timer around here... glad to be here.


I received a Gen III 5.7L/350 iron block from a friend of a friend. The source works at a dealership and got 3 long-blocks from recall swaps. He took the vortec heads off and sold them. The remaining three small blocks went to a friend of mine for free. And this friend gave one to me.


I'm using it in my boat to replace my '88 305 that had freeze damage 2 years ago. I've got the block disassembled and having it honed at shop right now. I'd like to reuse the stock roller cam and stock crank as they are in great shape. I purchased some #906 Vortec heads on ebay for it, and an Edelbrock 650cfm marine carb.


The problem is, I need distributor, new oil pump, new pushrods, etc... and I don't know what year the motor is. Does anyone know how I can find out what year my motor is? Is there some cross-reference availble to the block number?


I really appreciate anyones help... trying to get this thing running yet before summer is gone. Feel free to contact me personally (speakerman (at) rocketmail (dot) com)


Thanks a lot guys and gals...


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Can you read and list any kind of casting numbers or letters at all?

If you can list something I can try to find something out for you.

One things for sure,If its a Gen III-350 its at least a '97 or newer because that was the first year for them,They we're first put into the Corvettes in '97,Then the Camaro/Firebirds in '98.

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If they had Vortec heads on them they weren't Gen III, they were Gen II. If they are Gen II, any 88 and up (one piece rear main seal) oil pump, and any HEI dist. will work, the only exception to that rule is the LT1/LT4. If the block is at the machine shop now, they should know (would be surprised if they didn't try to sell you) what you need.



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