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Corvette Servo

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Hello all. I've been reading more and more about this Corvette servo upgrade for the 4L60E in our trucks. I have some questions:


-Is this an upgrade worth doing by itself?

-How hard is it to install?

-How is the install done?

-Anybody have a writeup on it?


I noticed the servos are pretty cheap on eBay. My Yukon just hit 100,000 miles and it's time to give the tranny some attention - it's been good to me so far. I was going to get one of those B&M Shift Plus electric shift kits, but that's just not the way I roll. I'd rather upgrade with a shift kit and this servo thing. I've tried searching but haven't been finding the info I need. Any help would be appreciated.

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I recently rebuilt my 4L60E and in addition to adding the TransgoHDII kit, I added the servo. The truck shifts firmly into 2nd now where as before it was sloppy. I like the feel, my wife is not sure about it. The first time she drove it, she hit the gas pedal and it downshifted and broke the rear tires loose. Scared the *#$% out of her.

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