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Until a few days ago I had a 2002 Suburban LS with the 5.3. I had started towing so I hooked up a B&M supercooler in line with the radiator with no trouble. I got rid of it and now have a 2006 Suburban with the 5.3 as well. When I went to install the same cooler in the new one I disconnected the transmission line at the radiator and noticed they had changed the bolt design a little bit. When I pulled the line off Dexcool came pouring out. Is this normal? If it is, how am I supposed to hook up the cooler and what happened to the ATF?



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You did not pull the trans line. The rad has a small hose going into it very near the trans lines.


I am guessing your burb has no factory cooler???



If it does not, I would suggest simply splicing into the rubber part of the line running from the radiator back to the trans. Make sure you hook the cooler up so it is cooling fluid that has already been through the internal cooler in the rad.


If your Burb has a factory cooler already on it, you can easily replace it with a larger cooler. Be sure your B & B is a stacked plate cooler not a tube and fin. The factory cooler is a SP design (the best)but is not very big. It will be apprx 5x11. I used a SP cooler that is 11x117/8 and mounted it right where the factory cooler came off. I have heard that some B & Ms are a SP design but no bigger than the factory cooler. You will not be helping yourself in this case if you do have a factory cooler.


If you do have the factory cooler, PM me and I will give you blow by blow intructions of what to do. It is not hard but to make it much easier you can remove the entire grill assy in about 4 mins. At least you can on a Yukon XL.


PM me if you need more info.

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