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1996 Gmc, Engine Stalls/misses When Idling In Drive




I just did a tune up on my 1996 GMC, 350 vortec, 5.7 Liter, 4X4.


Replaced the plugs, fuel filter, air filter, checked fluids, etc.

Also replaced starter, battery, and alternator. This truck eats starters every two years or so.


Within the last year replaced distributor, wires, etc.

Two years ago replaced fuel pump in gas tank.


My problem is a few days after doing a tune up my truck began to miss/stall and makes a "clicking" sound when idling in gear (drive or reverse) it acts like it might die when stopping. When the engine is in park, nuetral, under a load or when increasing RPM's it runs fine. No codes and no warning lights on the dash.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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If you take an empty paper towel tube and place one end on your ear, you can point the other end at various spots around the engine and hopefully find where that clicking noise is coming from.


Be careful of the fan!

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Check your cable connections. Also verify you are getting the correct voltage from the alternator.


Does the clicking go away when you increase the RPMs?

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