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  1. I took the truck to the AFB hobby shop yesterday to do the rear main seal as it has a bad leak (it was so bad i have been saying it no way it could be the rear main). Either way it was an absolute night mare. The base does not have high lift transmission jack so it ended up being a floor job. I took both crossmember out and still could not get the transmission to tilt down enough to reach the top most housing bolt with a swivel sicket! After over an hour frustration i noticed the oil pan was hiting the front differential (would have noticed it imediatlly in a lift!!!), so once unboltbolted it was easy peasie... unfortunatly i ran out if time and the shop closed and was not able to finish. When i did remive the transmission I noticed the the rearmain seal was not the culprit as i suspected but the plate gasket itself failed. The oil apeared to be coming up high around the cam oil passage and when i removed the plate the gasket rubber was brittle and fell appart off the metal core. I will say the saccity cover allignment and seal install tool was awesome and made insall super easy! Now unfortunatlly I have to wait till Wednesday for the hobby shop to open up to finsih up. It wont take to long once I get back on it since the transmission and transfercase is back in the truck and just need the hook up the flywheel to torque-converter and put the y pipe back in among a few other small things. With my dissabilities i am getting were i cant do these jobs anymore because i can barely move today lol.
  2. Would the seals not prevent excessive leak by since they shrough the guide? I was not able to check for play since it was done in the truck with air pressure on the cylinder.
  3. I think I am gokng to replace the driver side valve cover after I get done redoing the rearmain seal this weekend. I read a tech bulletin that said if they get gunked up they are bad about pulling oil into the intake and the driver side was bad. Crazy since this thing has never been late on oil changes and have the previous owners service records. I think it was fed convential early on though?
  4. I have a 07 escalade with a 6.2 l92 and 180k on the clock that smokes when starting. I already replaced the valve seals with a new set of viton replacements. When i replaced the seals the plugs were all ashy so they were replaced as well. I pulled seafoam through the brake boost line to clean the top end, but i am still getting some smoke on start up. From what i understand these engines do not have a pcv valve, so what else could it be?
  5. brown is hot when down ground when up, the dark blue is hot when up ground when down
  6. Well if you are getting power on the switch out put and not on the motor your harness has a break in it.
  7. Wiring diagram does not show a relay involved. It show a brown wire for down and dark blue for up and use your multimeter to check continuity from switch plug to to motor plug Also check for corrosion and and to clarify the polarity switches back and forth sending positive voltage to brown for down while grounding blue
  8. Call Gregg at cps audio (707) 588-9300 he can bench program your radio to your vin. A lot of guys used him for their nav retrofits.
  9. If he kills himself he probally wont feel anything, but i have been told you can be cited for towing a trailer equiped with trailerbrakes with a truck that does not have a controller. When I bought my trailers I put brake controlers in both my trucks to makes sure i would be able to handle them in either truck.
  10. Was able to talk to the tech yesterday about my truck. The pinion bearings were severelly pitted so that tells me the previous tech quite possible over torqued the pinion nut resulting in to much pre load and is probally why I felt a loss of performance. As for the front end he explained to me that the tend to make a noise like that on dry pavement especially as the tires start to wear inconsistantly which makes sense because my right front shows more wear than the left front, but he said he would take it for a spin once he gets the rear assmbled.
  11. I towed a 11k enclosed trailer from Florida to Oklahoma with a weight distribution hitch and trailer brakes. With out the weight distribution hitch it would set the frame on the axle. my max speed was 55mph. As I type this my 2012 with 42k is in the dealership with a real bad rear end howl. This tow was over 10k ago, but it obviously sped the wear up exponentially. Now I do not know if it is actually a direct relation, but it makes me wonder.
  12. Alot of my issues are my aftermarket 4inch exhaust with the 5.3 drowning out noises, but if I can hear it over it I just feel something is wrong
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