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  1. Get the diode dynamics kit and don’t look back. Had the Morimoto kit and had nothing but problems.
  2. Not true. You can program the key to the truck with just one key on 2017+. Just takes longer. Read your owners manual.
  3. You need to change the door harness from a truck that came with DL3 mirrors. I did this on my 2015 that came with the powerfold tow mirrors. I ordered mine from the dealer using a VIN from a truck off the lot. Everything works as if stock.
  4. I have the kit from Diode Dynamics. Works great and is high quality..
  5. Dealership is going to cover it . I’m still under warranty..
  6. Same thing happened to my 15 Silverado! Dealership is ordering a new one and is going to cover it under warranty. Guess they have had a couple just like this recently..
  7. Diode Dynamics. I have my HID kit from them and it works great.
  8. Totally disagree with the towing mirrors. I swapped mine for the regular DL3 mirrors and am way happier. The tow mirrors look goofy on a 1500 and belong on a 2500 or above
  9. I have a 2015 max tow and those big mirrors you get look awkward on a half ton. I swapped them out for the standard LTZ mirrors and am way happier with it.
  10. Different rear diff ratio and trailer mirrors mainly..
  11. When I changed mine to DL3 from the factory tow mirrors I had to change both door harnesses to get them to function correctly. I have a 2015 LTZ with the max tow..
  12. I had a 13 that blew the tranny with less then a 100 miles on it. Dealer took it back and gave me another that was identical except for the color. Stuff happens sometimes. As long as the GM fixes it is what matters..
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