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  1. Searched the thread, but didn't find what I'm looking for.. Is anyone running the Silverado Spec Morimoto kit in the factory REFLECTOR housings? I'm looking at the 4500k H11A kit.
  2. Are you guys that are not experiencing issues using the BASE model radio? (NOT the ones with Bluetooth/sat/onstar)
  3. dmo, I have the exact same problem with the radio in my 2014 WT. Tried 2 USB sticks and 2 memory cards. All have the exact same issue. Only reads first 4gb, and only if the songs are in the root directory.
  4. I opted for the Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus on mine, in 285/50/20 on KMC Brodies. 2" rear drop on mine as well. Nice mild A/T look, no noticeable noise difference from my factory tires, and reasonably priced.
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    From the album: My Truck

  6. I just ordered a TonnoPro Tri-fold soft cover ($240 from zigsauto on eBay), and I'm planning to attach panels between the frame and vinyl (similar to their Hard Fold cover but without the added supports). Will cost about $40. It's no Roll-X or Roll-n-Lock, but it will keep would-be thieves from slicing through the vinyl and taking whatever might be in the bed.
  7. Do you know a part number or what it's labeled as? I called my local auto zone and the guy had no idea.
  8. The big thing to me is the huge markup on options and accessories. Don't buy more than you absolutely have to from the dealership. I bought a 2WD RCSB WT, only options being the locking diff and mud flaps (didn't even want the flaps but they were there). I would have paid the $800 or so for the convenience package, but all the RCSBs around that had it were LTs or LTZs for $3-10k more with options I didn't want, and wouldn't pay for. I would have even preferred the vinyl seats instead of cloth, but those were nowhere to be found. (If you're local and have vinyl and want cloth, PM me ) I paid just under $18k for mine, plus local taxes came to about $19,200 (employee pricing + incentives + $800 trade-in). The other stuff that I do want, I'm adding myself for much less than getting them through GM. My wheels+tires were only $1200, plus I sold my factory ones for $600.. BedRug was $325 shipped on eBay (it's $490+tax at my local dealer). Doing a semi-DIY hard folding tonneau for about $300. Keyless entry and remote start is $200 installed at Best Buy (<$80 if you DIY, but I don't like messing with wiring).
  9. Is anyone else having the low speed vibration with 2" drop shackles on their 2014? It's a very mild vibration from about 25 to 32 MPH. After a quick search, it seems fairly common on other years. I'm wondering if lowering 1" with the shackles and removing the blocks will cure it as it seems to have to do with the angle caused by the 2" shackle drop. Also, mine is still about 1.4" higher in the rear with the drop. (2WD RCSB) I'm fine with it, but thought I would let people know for reference.
  10. Is it just me, or does that look like a little too much silver up front?
  11. A member on another site swapped a 2014 step bumper onto his 2012, and claims the 07-13 bumper is a direct fit to the 2014s as well. I haven't seen one done yet though.
  12. Where do you live? It could just be too cold right now, not allowing the rubber to soften and take its normal shape. Try laying in flat in your house for a few days. Use it as a throw rug.
  13. I'm planning to get the over-the-hump for mine since I have the vinyl floor (will stay in place better). Probably not for at least a few more weeks though.
  14. Yes. I have to go aftermarket regardless since the factory remote start requires factory-installed keyless entry, which I don't have and can't add. Aftermarket keyless entry/remote start kit is $199 installed. I can go that route or I can wait/hope/pray that GM unlocks the 2014's ECU for service techs to enable features that GM didn't intend for my truck to have in the first place. I don't see GM doing that any time soon...
  15. 2014 RCSB 1WT Day 1 Today (tint, bedrug, wheels/tires)
  16. Posted a stock pic of mine a couple months ago. Here's an updated pic with tint, BedRug, and wheels/tires. Just picked up wheel house liners but haven't put them on yet. Tonneau cover coming next. Then drop shackles. Then some silver paint on the front bumper.
  17. Correct. At this time, the factory keyless entry can't be added to trucks that didn't originally include it. And without the factory keyless entry, the remote start can't be added. Not a huge deal, as an aftermarket keyless entry kit is less than $50. I was just hoping avoid the installation.
  18. Update with bad news.. My remote finally came in at the dealer today.. Basically, the hardware is there but the software isn't.. Doing a VIN search will show a dealership that your truck is capable of using the factory keyless entry fob. It isn't... The truck has the proper receiver for the fob, but it does not have the ECU programming installed. The fobs are programmed via a scan tool, and the ECU in trucks without the factory-equipped keyless entry do not have the option for programming the fob. The service tech that tried to program mine said that, at least as of now, there is no way for them to add the programming to the ECU.
  19. Has anyone gotten this and verified 100% that it IS the driver side A-pillar handle? Can we get an installed picture?
  20. There is no GM option for 4 bed lights, only 2, regardless of model. A couple people have bought an extra kit and spliced in the additional lights.
  21. Thank you for the ideas. Any idea where I could find 6ft x 8ft sheets? I called a couple local distributors yesterday, and it seems the only thing they can get in 6ft x 8ft is acrylic or polycarbonate. If I could get ABS or FRP in 6x8, I can have it thermoformed locally to form a channel for the frame. This way, I could make a flush mount cover with double fin L-shaped weather strip inside the bed and standard double fin at the tailgate for a near-perfect seal with nothing above the bed sides. I would like a single sheet of ABS or FRP for the top as that would eliminate the need to cover it with another material. I do need a cover soon, so I will likely pick up a soft tri-fold or tilt cover for now and start on this when weather permits. I like a good challenge though, so I think this will be a fun project.
  22. I went from my stock 255/70/17 Bridgestone Dueler HT to 285/50/20 Cooper Discoverer HT. It's noticeably better in the snow/slush but not a huge difference. The looks of the Cooper are much nicer though.
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