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  1. Pretty awesome man! Great build thread.
  2. Here's my 2014. I've done a few mods through the years, including 2" rear drop and blackbear tune.
  3. I saw the same show. While I liked the Ram's appearance and options, frankly I was concerned about long term reliability. My 2014 replaced my old '97 (also RCSB) which gave me great service right up until it was totaled by an errant driver!
  4. Yes. I bought a new, 2014 2wd reg cab with the 5.3 V8 and shortest bed offered from GM; however the dealer had to locate it from a neighboring state. Like others have said it was not less expensive than a double cab, but it does fit into my garage a whole lot easier than the larger cab models.
  5. I actually like shops like that (as long as they have good references!) My A/C hasn't crapped out yet on my 2014 but in anticipation that it will one day, I'm wondering is there a consensus on which aftermarket condenser is the preferred choice? NAPA, O'Reilly, other?
  6. It's great having a garage to work in - and park in, especially during inclement weather! Your set up looks good.
  7. Not the APT, but did put the HTS60 265/65R18 on my RCSB a year ago. It's a great street tire - quiet with excellent traction. Great tire at a great price. I've been very pleased.
  8. They do fit very well! And they're dirty in the picture. When the truck is all cleaned up they really look good.
  9. I went with the wheelskins as I too wasn't sure I wanted black rims, but as it turns out I like they way look. And its easy to go back to stock if I later decide to do so.
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