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  1. I actually like shops like that (as long as they have good references!) My A/C hasn't crapped out yet on my 2014 but in anticipation that it will one day, I'm wondering is there a consensus on which aftermarket condenser is the preferred choice? NAPA, O'Reilly, other?
  2. It's great having a garage to work in - and park in, especially during inclement weather! Your set up looks good.
  3. Not the APT, but did put the HTS60 265/65R18 on my RCSB a year ago. It's a great street tire - quiet with excellent traction. Great tire at a great price. I've been very pleased.
  4. They do fit very well! And they're dirty in the picture. When the truck is all cleaned up they really look good.
  5. I went with the wheelskins as I too wasn't sure I wanted black rims, but as it turns out I like they way look. And its easy to go back to stock if I later decide to do so.
  6. Replaced the stock 18" Goodyear SRAs with General Grabber HTs. So far have put 5000 miles on them. I can't describe how much better they are: wet traction, comfort, quiet, price. I have used Cooper HT's in the past, but I am really impressed with these Generals.
  7. I noticed under the "RECALL STATUS" it says "Remedy not yet available". I wonder how they will implement the "fix" with no remedy available?? BTW, I searched the GM Recall website with my 2014 Silverado's VIN and learned it is subject to the same recall.
  8. Please keep us updated how this condenser is working, any noticeable difference from the original, etc. Thanks!
  9. I can't believe you relayed such details of your experience, but sure am glad it's turned out well for you. Hopefully GM is going to get this condenser issue sorted very soon. Summers in the South without A/C in the car are basically unbearable.
  10. I had this recall item done recently. The new panel looks good to me; in fact, I don't even notice it. Seatbelts save lives. My old 97 C1500 was totaled when an errant driver turned into my path while traveling down a major boulevard. My wife and I were wearing our seatbelts and thankfully were not seriously injured.
  11. Personally I love the combination of the blue color and black rims.
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