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  1. Nice. Bought my truck Method Double Standards for Christmas. Looks much better now
  2. I have the same intake, and it does the same thing. Will be nice and loud, then dead silent.
  3. I’ve got a go rhino front bumper. The bumper is nice and good quality. The mounting was aweful. The brackets they gave didn’t properly fit, leaving me to have to fab something up on my own. Then to level the thing takes three people. One on each side and one underneath adjusting the 12 bolts that secure it. Was a pain. One side still sits about a quarter inch lower. I left it alone at that point bc I’m the only one who will ever notice. If I had to do it again I’d look elsewhere
  4. I haven’t wired my winch yet, but I did wire a light bar to one of those empty bolts there once. Fun fact, if it doesn’t have a good connection it’ll short out your power steering...mid turn....lesson learned
  5. thanks! Nothing, it’s a combo of thing going on. The 5100’s in the front are at full crank. And the tent and bed rack are pretty heavy. But mostly The driveway actually slopes down making it look more extreme than it really is.
  6. Here's mine SO FAR. Just picked up the tent and tried it out in Oregon for two nights. Couldn't be happier!
  7. I've brought the driver's side tick up each time I bring the truck in to the dealer for an oil change. They always tell me they found no leak, and believe it to be the flapper valve. I've not tried to pin it back yet though.
  8. Anyone know where I can order just two of these? Just trying to hook up led pods, while retaining the function of my stock fog light button
  9. Does anyone have a picture of the connector to the 2016 led fog lights? Or know what size that plug in is?
  10. Due to an uninsured motorist attempting to take over my lane, my insurance company bought me a new bumper. I got a Go Rhino winch ready bumper on the way. I want to mount flush LED pods on it. I have the factory fog lights on my ‘16 which are LED. Two oart question: -Does anyone know which size adapter to order from Amazon to utilize the stock fog light button? There are plenty of options but I don’t know what size the plug is. -With all the options out there, what wattage LED pods can I get? 24, 36, 84 etc
  11. Glad I found this tread. Just starting to move my truck in this direction. Ive got an RCI Metalworks bed rack and Go Rhino winch ready bumper on the way. First week of June we’re heading up to Bend to pick up a CVT Mt Rainer roof top tent
  12. I got the Volant due to its performance in the Black Bear test. I couldn't bee happier.
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