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  1. I'm thinking a simple rocker switch would be perfect. Can you think of any good waterproof switch options? Do you happen to know what gauge those wires are? I found waterproof self splicing caps that are good for 22-14g wire.
  2. I wonder if we can just make our own switch? I like the manual idea. But I would like a more clear on off indicator, plus I do not trust that their adhesive will hold it in all weather conditions. I'm thinking I could tuck it up under the bumper....
  3. Greetings all, I've been reading all the lift / lvl threads I can these days. Here is what I can contribute... I bought my truck brand new off a dealer with 285 65 20s installed. I asked the service rep at the dealer what did they do to the truck since that wasn't stock. Said they added a spacer up front. I asked about an problem with wear and tear or warranty issues he said nope. Makes me wonder if a dealer is willing to install suspension mods on every single one of their AT4s just how much premature wear and tear can be expected? The truck is under warranty and I can't imagine a dealer would compromise these trucks to the point they are going to have a slue of folks showing back up to their service department needing all new front end suspensions. I'm currently deoyed, so I can't take and measuments for a bit. But I am more and willing to do so when I get back home. I do remember measuring the height distant from the ground to the body and the rear was under and inch taller. I'm no mechanic. If there are issues with these mods, where should I inspect or be on the look out for?
  4. I bought the truck new from the dealer with 285 65 20s on it. Not sure what parts they used but the service rep told me they used a spacer up front. I measured the front and rear heights one time. If my memory recalls there is about and more height in the rear. I'm not a mechanic so I don't know what that translates too. Here is a pic.
  5. I'm running 285 65 20s so far so good. Plus one for the grapplers. I have not had them in the snow yet. I have used KO2 in the past I liked that tire, but at 45k miles they got really loud.
  6. I kept stock wheels. Running 285 65 20 just fine. The shop added a spacer up front.
  7. There's a good video FLT did that shows how the G80 could cause some issues rock crawling.
  8. Auto Cal from my 2014 6.2 for sale. PM me.
  9. I made one that day for my neighbor down the street. I can make 5 from that one carpet.
  10. With a staple gun and contractors adhesive by gorilla glue I just rolled the board up in the carpet, gluing and stepping along the way and cut it once I had some overlap. I used this carpet from Lowes. I cut my 2x4 to 5 feet 11 and 3/4 inch. Just made one end extra padded to get the fit I wanted.
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