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  1. Read the response above by kf9yr Do your trailers have LED lights? If so, I think he's got it spot on. It would make sense that your camper probably has more lights and therefore has more resistance than your other trailers. The Reese adapter he referenced is likely to solve your issue.
  2. The Duramax certainly seems to take a chunk out of the payload. My 3895 lb rating is plenty for what I tow. But I can see how some folks towing really heavy could be disappointed - especially in the highly optioned trucks.
  3. Crew cab, standard bed, 4x4, LT 3500 Duramax - 3895 payload.
  4. Mine is in the dealer shop today for another matter. I asked them to check the zerks as I had "heard" many have left the factory dry. They are going to check them for me.
  5. After reading this topic, I have started wondering what I will do if I find my truck dead in my garage. I park it pretty close to the end wall of my garage to get it to fit - so close that I don't think I can get the hood open if needed. If the batteries are completely dead (for any reason), can I get into the truck get it out of park and into neutral to push it back far enough to get the hood open?
  6. When I picked up my LT, I tried to open the console and it wouldn't open. I didn't want to force it and break something. I asked the salesperson and she said it's not supposed to open. I looked at it carefully and it seemed pretty obvious it SHOULD open. She was sure it wasn't supposed to open but, to humor me, she had a tech come over from the service department to look at it. He climbed in and, after putting a lot more force on it that I was willing to do, he got it open and it has worked perfectly ever since. OP, I would watch eBay and try to find an LT or above console that opens. I can't imagine not being able to utilize that space in your center console,.
  7. Mine tugs a little to the right. I'm sure the crown is part of it as it's less noticeable in the fast lane or carpool lane. FWIW, my 04 Dodge Ram pulled right all its life. Maybe it's just the nature of the beast.
  8. I don't think this is really anything new for a differential or even a transfer case. But, a heavy duty truck transmission with no ability check fluid level, color and smell? This is a problem begging for an aftermarket solution.
  9. I'll confirm that it seems to perform better with a load coming down a grade. I tried it yesterday in town driving empty with T/H and EB on. It made a slight difference but nothing compared to my old Dodge RAM with PacBrake. In that truck I didn't have to touch the brake until the PacBrake released at about 1100rpm. That said, this new truck performed admirably coming down 6%+ grades and held pretty much any speed I wanted with 12k lbs in tow.
  10. The free lifetime warranty that dealers offer is worth just about what you pay for it. I have it on my wife's Honda. You have to read the fine print. Compliance with their terms is mandatory. If you miss an oil change by 100 miles, it voids the warranty (even when Honda doesn't use a mileage-based metric to determine when oil changes are recommended). And they require an inspection every 30,000 miles at their dealership. So, you have to remember that, too. I'm pretty meticulous with maintenance and I missed an oil change by a few 100 miles. Bye-bye warranty ... Ram has some interesting options for factory warranties. GM not so much. I was pitched some aftermarket options but I passed. I may reconsider as I approach the end of the factory warranty. I mostly use this truck for towing and put 5-6K miles per year on it. I was looking for a longer term but shorter miles warranty (which Ram offers). Sadly, nothing like that is offered by GM.
  11. I apologize if this is dumb question. I'm not new to diesels but I am new to the emissions related features (all my 04.5 Dodge Ram had was a catalytic converter). How do I know when a regen is happening? I have just over 1000 miles on the truck and I am assuming I've gone through at least one regen by now. Is there a simple way to know when it happens?
  12. I've only been on one trip towing so far. I had a PacBrake on my 04.5 Dodge Ram and you could definitely tell when it was engaged simply by the sound. With this truck, coming down the mountain from Big Bear Lake, I put it in T/H and EB on and just drove. When I reached a descent that I thought required a little more braking, I just tapped the brake. Tapping the brake shifted down to a lower gear and the EB would hold in that gear. If I needed to slow down more, tap the brake again ... rinse, repeat. I thought about going into manual shifting to accomplish this without using the brake. But, this method worked so well for me that I just stayed with it. Coming from a 4 speed trans, this Allison is a DREAM!!!
  13. During my break-in period, I drove about a 250 mile round trip to get my 5th wheel hitch. I kept the speed under 60 which is a real challenge for multiple reasons. I was amazed that I was able to achieve close to 30mpg on that trip. I knew driving at lower speeds made a difference in fuel economy. I just didn't realize it made THAT big of a difference. I was brought back to earth when I towed my 5th wheel up to Big Bear Lake where I averaged about 10-11mpg (closer to 9 up the mountain).
  14. For you guys with transmission fluid leaks, what color is the fluid? I noticed a drip or two on my garage floor located at about the center pillar between the doors. I'm used to trans fluid being pink. This looks more greenish/clear. Being so far back, I was thinking maybe the transfer case ... but after reading this thread I'm now wondering if it could be the trans. Regardless, it will be going to the dealer later this week. Performance wise, it has been solid. But I only have 980 miles on it - of which about 300 were fairly severe towing. Shifting and e-braking both up and down Big Bear Mountain was flawless.
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