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Subwoofer install in CrewCab

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I have a 2002 CC 4x4 that I would like to put a subwoofer in but am concerned about where.  I have the 40-20-40 seat in the front so the JL consoles that I have seen won't work too well and I fold the seats down in the back quite often when hauling breakables.


Is there any hope?


Does anyone make a box that I could mount the middle seat to.  Make a real rumble seat out of it with an 8" or 10" sealed enclosure!?!   ???

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So I will see if I can run down the possible options, easiest to hardest with what I see as pros-cons:


1) JL stealth box that will replace the lower section of the center seat.  

Pro's-easy invisible install, color matched, still have same height armrest.  

Cons-loose the middle seat option


2)Replace middle seat with JL console.

Pros-invisible, color matched, bucket seat appearance, additional storage if front secton of console is installed

Cons-more involved install, loss of armrest, loss of middle seat


3)Custom box behind rear seat.

Pros-invisible(until seat is folded down), keep middle seat

Cons-out of my expertice (stereo shop job $$$), potential for damage to speaker (would put amp under front seat)



This is a great start.  I will consult the wife on losing the 3rd seat possibility and see what her reaction is.



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or you can go totally custom and port from the bed to the cab. get some flexable port deals (seen a few trucks done this way) build a box for whatever subs you want and weather proof it. then just cut some holes in the bed and into the cab and port through. completely radical idea, oh well depends how badly you want subs.

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3if u have a time, a tape measure, circulal saw, a jig saw and a philips screwdriver u can make a speaker box


weather u want to or not is another Q but i think it would be the best way it takes the lease space away from you nd gives u the most freedom in what u want to do

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