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Transfer Case engagement

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2002 Sierra Z71, extended cab with 5.3L with Auto transfer case,131,000 miles, changed all drive train fluids at 100,000 miles. Had a trans shop change them and they used the specified GM fluid in the transfer case. Recently when driving the truck in 2WD, not Auto 4WD. When the rear end slips, like in snow or starting on wet road, the transfer case appears to lock in the front axle and hold it in. The truck pulls to the right so hard that you have to turn the steering wheel almost 45 degrees left to keep straight. When turning left, it feels just like 4WD with the front wheels hopping around a corner. When I make a 90 degree turn around a corner to the right, the 4WD releases and everything is OK until the rear wheels lose traction again. Sounds like the clutches engage thinking that it is in 4WD Auto. Could this just be a sensor or something? The dash buttons show 2WD.



Thanks, Phil

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