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Adding LS6 parts to LM7

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Didn't know if anyone had done this on here.


I've got an 06 Silverado 1500, Z71, w/5.3L. I also happen to own an 02 Z06 with LS6. The LS6 is getting the top end bumped up to help the car out since it is under powered ;-)


So we're pulling the heads, cam, pushrods, timing chain, oil pump out of the LS6 for the upgrade. That leaves those parts sitting around looking for a new home. I've got a good book on Gen III engines that says I can bolt all this directly onto any other Gen III engine. They show the 6.0 in the build case but reference a LS6 cam, headers, tune on a 5.3 and get good numbers. Seems all I need to do is have the heads milled to keep compression correct and change pushrods. Should be good for at least 40-50ft/lbs if I add some 1 5/8" long tubes and a CAI.


Anyone done one of these builds before?

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